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Air and Water Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

We Maximize Your Indoor Environmental Quality

Government studies indicate that

  • three out of every ten buildings can be classified as "sick".
  • EPA - HVAC systems that are improperly operated or maintained can contribute to the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
  • NIOSH - Poor ventilation is an important contributing factor in many sick building cases.
  • Building owners are responsible for IAQ-related liabilities.

Ventilation Tune-Up

  • Scheduled periodic rebalancing is your solution to maintaining precise environmental balance. Your tenants will enjoy the comfort and increased productivity that a totally uniform indoor climate can provide.
  • Our user-friendly record keeping is your critical defense against IAQ-related litigations.

Commissioning Administration


Indoor Air Quality Management


Sound Management

Duct Pressure and Leak Testing

This is the only procedure that guarantees that the air generated from any source is delivered to its intended destination. Duct Leak Testing helps to:


  • Save 20% on energy consumption
  • Minimize wasting conditioned air loss in attics and crawl spaces
  • Eliminate the unnecessary cost of upgrading equipment
  • Control building pressure
  • Save construction time spent on troubleshooting air loss


Value Survey

This service is critical when planning a renovation. We provide a comprehensive report of the project's exisitng mechanical systems. The data provides baseline information for designing and successful execution of the project. Our Value Survey will:

  • Eliminate the guesswork of equipment capabilities
  • Eliminate the cost of replacing equipment after the fact
  • Minimize the high cost of change orders
  • Save valuable time and possible legal complications


Instrument Exchange

As an outreach program, AirTAB offers organizations that perform periodic testing the use of our instruments at a nominal fee. If desired, we can provide a technician to assist in performing and documenting the task. This program:

  • Eliminates capital expenditure and the burden of calibration
  • Provides access to appropriate, quality instruments
  • Includes expert advice

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