Training Facility

Our training facility is formulated to expose, develop and reinforce the knowledge of HVAC systems applications, testing and performance. All training programs are hands-on-style conducted within our facility using real equipment, instruments and a functional installation.

Class Size

All sessions are limited to 12 persons for maximum participation and attention.


We provide three types of programs:

Informational Program

  • Introduction to IAQ
  • Basic testing procedures
  • Expectations and Limitations of testing
  • Maximizing equipment performance

This program is modeled for non-HVAC testing professionals that are actively involved with HVAC systems performance. It is helpful in making design, installation and maintenance decisions. Beneficiaries include engineers, facility managers and equipment installers.

TAB Professional

This program is divided into two levels:

  • The entry level: This is for individuals aspiring to become TAB technicians. It includes the development of plans and specs, reading and interpretation skills, documentation, ethics, and all basic aspects of air and hydronics balancing. This program provides a solid background, allowing candidates to be productive their first day on the job.
  • The Pro level: This is designed for TAB technicians looking to improve and update their skills. You will learn duct pressure testing, long and short procedures for calibrating DDC boxes, sound measurement, products and techniques for optimizing quality and accelerating production.

Refresher Program

This is designed for persons and organizations wishing to stay current with the dynamics of HVAC systems performance testing. It is a forum where questions are answered by either a panel, presenter, or participants.


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